This week was an amazing week for Kindergarten.  Now that the children know how to use the different programs, we would like to incorporate different concepts of creating a story into each lesson.  This week, we learned about prewriting.  Amazing writers think about what they want to write, sketch a picture, write words down, and color their pictures.  Mrs. Frederick's class used their knowledge about symbols of the United States and presidents to prewrite and create a Doodlecast.  The children chose a symbol or president, drew a picture, and then wrote a sentence about their picture.  Students took their pictures and created a Doodlecast from their pictures.  We hoped that by prewriting, some of the rambling would be eliminated.  The results were phenomenal.  The children knew a tremendous about of information about each symbol.  We also had a variety of results.  They wrote about the Statue of Liberty, Liberty Bell, the American Flag, and George Washington.  We now have a YouTube channel called kilbykindergarten.  We will post our Doodlecast creations daily as they are created.  We will continue to prewrite and tell stories through our new unit on the zoo.
5/5/2012 06:39:05

I'm part of the team that built the Doodlecast app. I just wanted to say it's fantastic to see some of the work from your class. Thanks for sharing!

Kaitlin Ashley
6/10/2012 05:18:52

Thank you so much! We have a YouTube with a ton of work from the children! It is kilbykindergarten's channel! The children love Doodlecast, and it is a fantastic way for them to show the immense knowledge that they have gained throughout the year.

6/18/2013 20:24:23

it is good that the kindergarder focusses on the overall development of the kids. i am happy that you are trying out different things online to make them have fun at the same time providing them with the necessary lessons. keep up the good job and keep sharing.

9/1/2013 16:59:35

Thanks for the post to this page


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