We have now gotten into the swing of things in first grade.  This is the same group of students from Kilby's Kindergarten, but they have now moved into first grade.  The next few weeks will kick our iPad project off in first grade.  Thanks to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Mrs. Wicks's first grade class has received a grant for six iPads.  This will allow the new Kindergarten class to continue the great work that has begun with iPads in Mrs. Frederick's class.  There are many great things planned for this class as we utilize iPads for Mathematics journaling.  We will implement iPads in similar ways to our story writing in Kindergarten, but we will move into Mathematics and activities with writing in math.  This summer, I was approached to do an interview on our project in first grade.  Here is the link to the blog posting from the interview: http://blog.zincroe.com/
    Tragedy and loss has struck our sweet Kilby family as one of the children passed away on September 8th.  As the children and families mourn the loss, we also remember September 11th.  Sweet Coleen, the child who passed, helps us remember what freedom is all about.

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    My name is Kaitlin Ashley.  I am a few hours away from being a senior at the University of North Alabama.  This blog will be about researching the impacts of iPads in the kindergarten teaching and learning environment.  It will follow this process from the very beginning, and it will keep everyone up-to-date on what is going on in Mrs. Frederick's Kindergarten class.


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