The children worked with the app Toontastic this week.  This app is very similar to PuppetPals.  The children create their own story through a puppet play.  The children can create their own background.  This really prompted creativity from the children.  The layout of Toontastic can be very hard for younger children to navigate, but it also leaves room for explaining the process of creating a story.  Though we do not have iPads for every child, it was very neat to see several children work on one story together.  The writing process and creativity was flowing readily during literacy centers.  The children were laughing and enjoying creating stories, and they had some fantastic products.  The biggest negative for Toontastic is saving and sharing.  The actual "saving" point in the app is at the end of the process.  The children click through each part of creating the story, and when they are done, the app has the children provide a title name and author.  It is very difficult for the children to create an entire story in the small time frame we are doing literacy centers.  In order to save the product, the child must exit out of what they are doing, create a title, and then type in their name.  It is possible, but it is a very difficult process for such a fast-moving day.  Like with StoryKit, Toontastic has its own website for saving and viewing.  This makes it really hard to share products with parents and anyone else who may be interested in seeing the products.  The children seemed to love Toontastic, and this is my favorite app for creating stories that we have tested so far.
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