This week we kicked off the start of this project by using StoryKit.  Each child created a page using the app.  Mrs. Frederick and I are now working on a way to get all of these combined into some sort of presentation.  Many of the apps take time to get used to, but the children adapted very quickly.  I gave a few quick instructions, and the children were off to work!  The task was to draw, write, and talk about yourself.  The children could choose anything that described themselves.  It could be a favorite food, thing to do, place to be, or even person.  About half of the children chose to draw ice cream.  It seems the class has quite the sweet tooth!  They also drew about their families, activities, and even pets at home.  The iPads provided a fun way for the children to express themselves and tell a little about themselves while drawing.  This is a free app.  There is also an app called Doodlecast that does something very similar.  Doodlecast records the entire time that the child draws, and there is no text box for the children to type in.  Doodlecast has much easier uploading capabilities, but it does cost $0.99.  As I observed throughout the week, I noticed the children used the iPads during centers.  Though Mrs. Frederick was working with small groups, when I came anywhere near the children, I noticed they were on task and in an educational app.  My biggest fear about the iPads was having to constantly direct children into an app that was not a game, but they did a fantastic job using apps that had them practicing letters, words, and sentences.  Our first app project was pretty successful, and hopefully we will be able to make a presentation out of their stories to share with everyone.
Jenny Ozbirn
2/9/2012 04:47:09 am

This is fantastic! I am thrilled that these kids are learning in an atmosphere with a technology-based curriculum. Thank you, Kaitlin and Ms. Frederick, for this opportunity for these kindergarteners.


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