This past week, I presented at Research Day at the University of North Alabama.  People that walked by enjoyed hearing about the ways that Kindergarten is enhancing their knowledge through iPads.  They were amazed with the many examples of Doodlecast creations from our YouTube.  If you would like to see some, please visit Kilby Kindergarten on YouTube.  The YouTube shows examples of American Symbols, animals, and much more.  As we are closing this year out, we will be making a final kindergarten creation to compare the beginning creations with what the children know how to do now.  It has been neat to see the children utilize the iPads this semester in creating stories.  They have expanded their use of words and knowledge of story telling.  They have brainstormed and prewritten, drawn and told stories of kinds.  The children seem to love the different apps that have been highlighted this semester.  This week, I saw several children playing on Toontastic and Doodlecast during free time! This next week, we will begin working on a final story to tell about our year in Kindergarten.
6/6/2012 05:05:25 am

Really lke the way you're using Doodlecast to support learning! Would love to interview you for our Metal Fish Blog.

Kaitlin Ashley
6/10/2012 05:16:20 am

Thank you so much! It has been an amazing year! I sent an email to your gmail about the interview. Please let me know what you need!


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    My name is Kaitlin Ashley.  I am a few hours away from being a senior at the University of North Alabama.  This blog will be about researching the impacts of iPads in the kindergarten teaching and learning environment.  It will follow this process from the very beginning, and it will keep everyone up-to-date on what is going on in Mrs. Frederick's Kindergarten class.


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